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5 Caffeinated Drinks you Can Make at Home



I was shocked to discover that my Berkeley cafes had been closed since the outbreak of the pandemic. The atmosphere was great, but I also missed my daily dose of caffeine. Sometimes I crave cafe specialties, even though I can live with a cup of coffee with milk. I didn’t want new kitchen equipment so I made my own cafe recipes with the ingredients I already had. Learn how to make your favorite coffee beverage at home.

1. The classic latte

Caffeinated drink #blue print #coffee

#blueprint #coffee

Lattes are a classic, tasty, mood-enhancing, caffeinated coffee drink. A latte for me is the perfect blend of milk, foam, and coffee. I didn’t know how to make a latte when the pandemic hit. A year later, I can confidently say that I can make a café-level latte that is a little below the standard. Although I don’t own an espresso machine, I am a faithful AeroPress user and can attest to how good the “counterfeit” espressos I make at my home. I start with a very strong espresso shot. Then, I heat up some milk and then pour it over. I don’t know how to draw a design on my espresso so I add cinnamon to it. A pinch of salt caramel or vanilla sugar can be added to your coffee. While it may not be as cafe-worthy, it’s still very good!

SpoonTip #: You can use hot milk with a French Press at home if you already have a French presse!

2. London fog to clear the brain fog

Caffeinated drink coffee tea

Caffeinated beverage coffee tea

Although I love coffee any time of day, too many cups can cause me to be anxious. Instead, I prefer Earl Gray black tea. London Mist is a great combination of Earl Gray, honey, vanilla, and hot milk. Although I would like to say that I carefully measure the ingredients, I often guess. I steep a bag Earl Gray in half a cup boiling water, then add honey and vanilla to taste. I add the hot milk to a frothy bowl and stir it in.

3. Matcha Latte: The green coffee

Caffeinated green tea beverage tea

Caffeinated green tea beverage tea

Matcha is the best caffeinated beverage. Although the bright green color appealed to my eyes for a long time, it’s the delicious taste that has kept me coming back. You can make a great matcha latte at-home by purchasing a matcha whisk. I use a regular whisk for this purpose. I add the matcha of choice to a bowl, along with hot water, and stir until it is dissolved. I like to add honey and milk, but honey and milk can also be substituted.

These are the best Matcha Latte places in the Bay Area if you don’t want your Matcha Latte made at home.

4. Chai this one!

Caffeinated drink tea cup flowers

Caffeinated beverage tea cup flowers

Chai is so versatile. You can choose which spices and black tea you want to use, depending on your mood. Or keep it the same if that’s what you like. Personally, I prefer a blend of Darjeeling, Earl Gray, cardamom and milk. Sometimes I add ginger. I prefer to make chai on the stove, as I allow my milk and tea to simmer for around ten minutes. Half a cup water is all it takes to make one cup. I heat half the water in a saucepan, then bring it to boil. Then, I add my teas and spices and allow it to steep for three minutes. Finally, I add milk to the tea and let it boil for 5 minutes before serving.

5. Mocha, the best coffee and dessert option

Caffeinated coffee espresso

Caffeinated coffee espresso

You’ve found the perfect place if you are looking for a dessert that also contains a lot of caffeine. I had never tried making a mocha at my home until March, and assumed that it was hot chocolate with some coffee. There are many different ways to make mochas. However, I like to make a cup hot cocoa, with cocoa powder, milk and sugar. Add a little espresso to it. If I have it, I make a mocha with whipped cream.

We will be able to go to our favorite cafes in the future, but we are able to cook our favorite drinks at home. These ingredients may require some additional tools but they are likely already in your home, just waiting for you to mix them into a drink you can enjoy.

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