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5 Must-Try Air Fryer Grilling Recipes for Delicious Meals

Did you know that 75% of air fryer owners claim their device has greatly improved their cooking experience? This isn’t just because of the convenience or the health benefits; it’s also due to these gadgets’ sheer culinary versatility.

Take, for example, our lineup of 5 must-try air fryer grilling recipes. From the charred perfection of Grilled Air Fryer Steak to the delicate smokiness of Sweet and Smoky Salmon, these dishes are proof of the unexpected culinary adventures your kitchen companion can provide.

So, if you’ve ever doubted your air fryer’s ability to rival the traditional grill, let these recipes serve as delicious evidence to the contrary. Stick around to discover the secrets behind achieving that perfect, crispy exterior and juicy interior without stepping outside your kitchen.

Air Fryer Grilling Key Takeaways

  • Air fryers provide a healthier grilling alternative with less oil and more nutrient retention.
  • Achieve perfectly crispy yet tender meats and seafood with concentrated heat.
  • Enjoy the convenience of quick, mess-free cooking and easy cleanup.
  • Enhance flavors and achieve a perfect sear with high-velocity hot air.

Grilled Air Fryer Steak

Embracing the marvels of modern kitchen technology, you’ll find that whipping up a Grilled Air Fryer Steak transforms the challenging task of achieving that perfect sear into a walk in the park, all while chuckling at the thought of how effortlessly juicy and flavor-packed your steak will turn out with minimal oil and fuss. This culinary magic, powered by the high-velocity hot air circulating within the air fryer, guarantees your steak gets that enviable crust while retaining a tender, succulent interior. Imagine the joy of serving a steak that rivals your favorite steakhouse’s, knowing it’s quick and easy and seasoned to perfection with your unique blend of spices.

Additionally, this method of preparing Grilled Air Fryer Steak isn’t just convenient; it’s a healthier alternative to traditional grilling. By requiring less oil, you’re cutting down on fats without sacrificing the satisfying, mouth-watering experience of a well-grilled steak. Plus, the cleanup? It’s almost non-existent, leaving you more time to bask in the glory of your culinary creation. Truly, for those desiring to serve up a flavorful, juicy, and satisfying meal, air frying your steak is a revelation.

Charred Vegetables Medley

Diving into the world of air-fried charred vegetables, you’ll quickly discover that this method guarantees more nutrients than traditional grilling and brings a smoky flavor to the table without the guilt of extra oil. Imagine the joy of serving your guests a platter of vibrantly charred veggies, knowing you’ve maximized both taste and health benefits. It’s like having your kale and eating it, too, but with a lot more zing and less oil clinging to your conscience.

The air fryer, your culinary secret weapon, guarantees even cooking and caramelization without the theatrics of dodging sparks at the grill. No more playing the game of ‘will it char or just sadly wilt?’ Thanks to the magic of even heat circulation, each vegetable emerges with a perfect smoky edge and a sweet, tender heart. Seasoned with a clever mix of herbs and spices, these charred delights become a versatile side dish that can elevate any meal from meh to marvelous.

BBQ Chicken Thighs

tender and flavorful dish

After mastering the art of charring vegetables in your air fryer, let’s move on to mastering juicy, flavor-packed BBQ Chicken Thighs that’ll have your taste buds dancing. The air fryer, a miraculous contraption, transforms your kitchen into an indoor grilling paradise, guaranteeing you can enjoy summer sizzle all year round.

Cooking BBQ Chicken Thighs in the air fryer isn’t just about achieving that perfect balance of crispy skin and tender, moist meat; it’s a culinary experiment that pays off with every bite. Here’s why:

  • Juicy & Flavorful: Thanks to the air fryer’s rapid air technology, these chicken thighs are locked with moisture and infused with the smoky BBQ flavor.
  • Crispy Skin: The high heat and constant air circulation ensure that every inch of the chicken is evenly cooked, giving you desirable crispy skin without the grease.
  • Convenient & Mess-Free: Say goodbye to scrubbing grills and dodging flare-ups. The air fryer offers a clean, controlled environment for perfect BBQ Chicken Thighs every time.

Embrace the art of indoor grilling with your air fryer and serve these delicious, flavorful, and crispy BBQ Chicken Thighs. It’s convenient, mess-free, and downright delicious—making you the hero of home-cooked meals.

Crispy Grilled Shrimp

Why settle for soggy shrimp when you can achieve the ultimate crispiness and flavor with your air fryer, turning this quick-cooking crustacean into a crunchy delight for any meal? Let’s plunge into the science and humor of creating crispy grilled shrimp in the magical contraption of the air fryer.

Aspect Air Fryer Magic Why It’s Amazing
Texture Crispy Exterior, Tender Interior Perfectly contrasts crunch with succulence
Flavor Enhanced by Concentrated Heat Like a flavor-packed punch to the palate
Health Less Oil, More Joy Your arteries will throw a party
Time Quick, Swift, and In a Jiff Because nobody likes waiting
Versatility From Salads to Tacos Shrimp, the chameleon of the sea

Sweet and Smoky Salmon

tasty salmon with flavor

Often overlooked in the quest for the perfect seafood dish, sweet and smoky salmon cooked in an air fryer brings a delightful twist to the table. It marries the subtle sweetness of the fish with a bold, smoky flavor that’ll tickle your taste buds and make you wonder why you haven’t tried this sooner.

Utilizing the air fryer for this culinary experiment not only guarantees a hassle-free experience but also turns out a dish that’s both healthy and scrumptiously crispy on the outside while remaining tender and juicy within. It’s a prime example of how modern cooking techniques enhance traditional flavors, making it a must-try for seafood lovers searching for a quick, easy, and delicious meal.

Key benefits of this method include:

  • Quick and Efficient, it’s Perfect for busy weeknights when you’re craving something extraordinary but are strapped for time.
  • Healthy Option: Embraces the natural goodness of salmon, making it a guilt-free indulgence.
  • Flavorful: The smoky essence elevates the salmon’s sweetness, creating a symphony of taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Grill in an Air Fryer?

You can grill various foods in your air fryer, including meats like chicken, pork, and steak. Additionally, vegetables such as asparagus and bell peppers, along with seafood like salmon, can also be grilled. This method offers a healthier way to prepare tasty meals.

What Are the Top 10 Foods to Cook in an Air Fryer?

The top 10 foods to cook in an air fryer include steak fries, pork tenderloin, salmon, chicken thighs, taquitos, onion rings, asparagus, green beans, baked potatoes, and grilled cheese sandwiches. These options promise delicious results and a delightful culinary experience.

What 5 Foods Should You Not Put in an Air Fryer?

The five foods you should avoid putting in an air fryer are wet batter foods, delicate greens, soaked fruits, fatty meats, and messy, drippy items. These can cause smoke, become soggy, or disrupt the cooking process, spoiling your cooking efforts.

Why Are People Getting Rid of Air Fryers?

One of the main reasons people are getting rid of air fryers is their limited capacity, making it challenging to prepare meals for large family gatherings. The small size of the air fryer’s basket does not accommodate the volume needed for bigger culinary endeavors. Additionally, many seek to free up kitchen space, finding that the air fryer takes up more room than it’s worth for its convenience.


Now, you’ve ventured through a culinary journey, transforming mere ingredients into a feast with your air fryer. You’ve seared steaks to perfection, charred a rainbow of veggies, and given chicken thighs a BBQ glaze that’d make a pitmaster weep. Your shrimp achieved a crispy nirvana, and the salmon? A sweet, smoky masterpiece.

Remember, the air fryer isn’t just a gadget; it’s your ticket to a universe of flavor. Embrace the sizzle, the crunch, and the joy of quick, delicious meals. Bon appétit!