Is The Cost of Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass Reasonable?

are masterclass cooking classes worth it

Master Cooking Classes Online

Yes, if you:
• Have some cooking experience and want to improve your abilities
• Would like to learn a couple of “high-end” recipes
• Are you a fan of Gordon Ramsay and want to see another side of his character? Do you want to learn from one of the top chefs in the world?
No, if you:
• You are a total novice in the kitchen
• Not a fan of cooking
• Want to improve your fundamental cooking abilities?

In conclusion, if you have some prior knowledge and experience going into the program, I highly recommend taking the Gordon Ramsay MasterClass in Home Cooking. Finding materials elsewhere to start your cooking career is advised if you are a total newbie.
Despite this, I enjoyed the MasterClass and thought Ramsay was a very approachable teacher. He even offers some words of wisdom at the end of the class:

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