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Brooklyn Style Vs Deep Dish: Is This Pizza Controversy All About the Crust?

Imagine you’re in New York, grabbing a slice of Brooklyn-style pizza, its thin crust crackling lightly with each bite.

Now, contrast that with sitting in a Chicago pizzeria, a fork and knife in hand, ready to tackle a hearty slice of deep dish, its crust thick enough to contain a lavish layering of cheese and toppings.

You’re not just choosing between two types of pizza; you’re stepping into a debate about more than just crust. It’s a discussion that encompasses culture, tradition, and personal preference.

As you think about your pizza preferences, consider what these choices say about the culinary landscapes they represent and why this debate continues to capture our culinary curiosity.

Brooklyn-Style Pizza Key Takeaways

  • Brooklyn-style pizza features a thinner, crispier crust than deep-dish pizza’s thick, doughy base.
  • The controversy centers on crust differences: Brooklyn-style crusts are thin and foldable, while deep-dish crusts are deep and pie-like.
  • Both pizza styles cater to distinct taste preferences and dining experiences, highlighting the diversity in pizza culture.
  • The choice between Brooklyn style and deep dish often reflects regional pizza loyalties and culinary traditions.

Brooklyn-Style Pizza Defined

Brooklyn-style pizza stands out with its thin, hand-stretched dough, making it a lighter yet satisfying choice for topping enthusiasts. This style’s large Brooklyn pizza, often around 18 inches in diameter, is perfect for sharing or indulging solo. What sets it apart is the unique cheese blend of 55% provolone and 45% mozzarella, creating a creamy consistency atop the crispy base.

The Brooklyn pizza crust, slightly thicker at the edges, is ideal for that iconic foldable pizza experience. This feature isn’t just about the ease of eating; it’s a nod to the bustling lifestyle of New York City, where food often accompanies one on their adventures. Unlike the traditional thick or stuffed pizza crust types, the bread flour and cornmeal blend in Brooklyn-style dough ensures a crispier texture without compromising flavor.

Opting for a thin-crust pizza like the Brooklyn style offers you the freedom to savor an array of toppings without feeling weighed down. Whether you’re a pizza lover or someone who cherishes the simple joy of a slice on the go, Brooklyn-style pizza promises a delightful balance of crunch, flavor, and versatility.

The Deep Dish Tradition

While exploring the thin, crispy world of Brooklyn-style pizza offers a lighter fare, let’s not forget the hearty, indulgent experience of Chicago’s deep dish tradition. The deep-dish pizza, a hallmark of Chicago’s culinary scene, invites you to immerse in a world where pizza isn’t just a meal; it’s an adventure. Here’s why:

  1. The Thick Crust: Unlike its Brooklyn counterpart, the Chicago deep dish boasts a thick, biscuit-like crust that lays the foundation for a rich pie; it’s almost a casserole.
  2. Excessive Cheese: If you’re a cheese lover, deep-dish pizza is your dream come true. It’s laden with mozzarella, creating a gooey, stringy experience with every bite.
  3. Hearty Fillings: Packed with layers of toppings and sauce, the fillings in a deep dish pizza make it a meal that satisfies the most voracious appetites.
  4. Utensils Required: Forget about folding slices; you’ll need a fork and knife to tackle this Chicago classic. It’s a sit-down affair that encourages you to savor every decadent bite.

Immerse yourself in the freedom to indulge with Chicago deep dish, where the motto seems to be ‘the thicker, the better.’

Crust Comparisons

crust texture analysis

When comparing the crusts, you’ll find that the thin, crispy exterior of a Brooklyn-style pizza contrasts sharply with the thick, biscuit-like base of a Chicago deep dish. The Brooklyn variety boasts a hand-stretched dough, allowing larger pizza sizes that cater to those who love a good, foldable slice. This thin and crispy crust pizza is designed for texture and convenience, offering a crispy crust that’s soft and chewy inside, perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle.

Deep-dish pizza, meanwhile, presents a hearty experience. Its thick crust is more than just a base; it’s an integral part of the dish’s identity, dense enough to hold generous layers of cheese and fillings. Unlike the quick bake of a thin crust, the deep dish requires patience, baking for up to 45 minutes to achieve perfection. Its crust isn’t just baked; it’s a carefully constructed foundation that gives the deep dish its signature feel.

Whether you’re drawn to Brooklyn’s large, thin, and crispy crust pizza or the substantial, thick crust of a deep dish, both styles offer unique takes on the traditional pie, catering to diverse preferences and debates among pizza lovers.

Cultural Significance

In Chicago, deep-dish pizza isn’t just a meal; it’s a cultural emblem that reflects the city’s rich culinary heritage and local pride. However, when you shift your gaze to the East Coast, you encounter a different but passionate story. Here’s why New York-style pizza, especially its Brooklyn variant, holds a special place in the hearts of many:

  1. Italian Immigrants’ Legacy: Italian immigrants introduced pizza to New York, embedding it deeply in the city’s culinary DNA. This history has fostered a sense of ownership and pride among New Yorkers.
  2. Freedom of Choice: With the best pizzerias spread across New York’s five boroughs, you’re never essential from diving your next favorite slice. This variety epitomizes the freedom and diversity that the city stands for.
  3. Brooklyn-Style Pizza Crust: The thin, crispy crust of Brooklyn-style pizza offers a unique eating experience that encourages the quintessential New York habit of folding slices. It’s a simple pleasure that resonates with locals and visitors alike.
  4. Culinary Innovation: The evolution of American pizza styles, especially in New York, showcases the city’s spirit of innovation and adaptation. From traditional Italian roots to the diverse offerings today, New York-style pizza, including Brooklyn’s, symbolizes the city’s ongoing culinary journey.

This cultural tapestry, woven with threads of tradition, innovation, and community, highlights why pizza, particularly the styles developed in New York, is more than just food—it’s a piece of cultural identity.

Toppings and Preferences

toppings and flavor preferences

Having explored the cultural origins and crust distinctions between Brooklyn style and other pizza traditions, let’s focus on how toppings and personal preferences significantly shape these iconic dishes.

When you sink into a slice of the best Brooklyn pizza in NYC, you’re not just tasting pizza; you’re immersing yourself in a tradition. Unlike its deep-dish counterpart, which heaps on the toppings, a Brooklyn-style pizza crust hosts a minimalistic yet flavorful array of ingredients. The combination of 55% provolone and 45% mozzarella cheese on a Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza, for example, offers a creamier texture that allows each topping to shine.

You might question why this is important. It’s all about freedom—the freedom to savor the subtle, fresh flavors without feeling overwhelmed. Whether it’s a traditional pizza in NYC or an artisanal pizza from California, the decision reflects personal preference.

Marketing expert Neil Patel would probably agree that this variety in tastes drives innovation in pizza creation, demonstrating how individual preferences shape culinary progress. So the next time you’re deliberating between a heavy, topping-laden slice and the crisp, well-balanced flavors of a Brooklyn-style pizza, remember that your palate’s freedom influences the pizza scene.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Brooklyn-Style Pizza the Same as Deep-Dish?

Brooklyn-style pizza and deep-dish pizza are not the same. Brooklyn-style pizza features a thin, crispy crust, in contrast to the thick, hearty base of deep-dish pizza, which is loaded with cheese and toppings. Thus, Brooklyn-style pizza caters to different tastes and dining experiences.

Is Domino’s Brooklyn Style Thick Crust?

No, Domino’s Brooklyn-style crust is not thick. It’s designed to be thinner and crispier than their standard crust, with a dusting of cornstarch to add an extra crunch. The iconic, foldable slices of New York inspire this style.

Is Deep-Dish Pizza Just Thick Crust?

No, deep-dish pizza is not merely a thick crust. It is a robust, layered culinary creation featuring cheese, various toppings, and sauce, all contained within a biscuit-like crust. This type of pizza undergoes a longer baking process, providing a distinct and fulfilling taste experience, unlike thinner-crust pizzas.

What Is Special About Brooklyn Style Pizza?

Brooklyn-style pizza stands out due to its large, thin, and crispy crust, which is ideal for folding. Additionally, its unique flavor comes from the distinctive blend of provolone and mozzarella cheese, distinguishing it from other pizza varieties.


In the end, the debate between Brooklyn-style and deep-dish pizza transcends the crust. It’s proof of the rich traditions and cultures that shape our culinary preferences.

Whether you’re a fan of Brooklyn’s thin, crispy slices or Chicago’s hearty, pie-like servings, both styles have merits.

So, embark on this flavorful adventure with an open mind. Who knows? You might find a new favorite in the process.