Convert your architect’s plans into a bespoke IKEA kitchen

convert your architect's plans into a bespoke ikea kitchen

How IKD is reinventing your custom kitchen plans so you don’t have to put your kitchen reno on hold.

You have spent a lot of time at home over the past 18 months and, like so many others, you have discovered that your kitchen is overdue. So you’ve hired an architect, done furniture, tiles, and finishes … and you’ve pinned the project. Sounds about right? We know and we understand. The cost of a custom kitchen coupled with the prolonged delivery delays means you end up making peace with a kitchen that isn’t exactly a chef’s dream – but you don’t have to. We can help turn your architect’s plans into an IKEA design that will keep you waiting or emptying your pockets. Here’s how …

1. Just like the architect you hire, we are kitchen design professionals.

At IKD, our team consists of certified kitchen designers. We’re used to taking kitchen design examples that our customers see on HOUZZ and other design sites and turning them into a workable IKEA kitchen. We work with many clients who come to us with original architect layouts and ask us to help them translate the plans into IKEA systems. We evaluate the existing plans for functionality and work with you to maintain your original design goals. Take a look at our design achievements and our past projects and see for yourself how easy it can be.

2. We have a deep understanding of the intricacies of the IKEA furniture range.

We’ll compare your renovation budget with IKEA’s closet availability, taking into account the specifics of your space and your organizational needs. Then we will help you with your IKEA product selection – and know the furniture options from IKEA inside out. If your original design included a Lazy Susan interior or glass doors, for example, we know the IKEA UTRUSTA corner base cabinet carousel is the way to go. IKEA interiors can be mixed, changed and adapted to the needs of the project, and we can help you make that choice. For example, IKEA MAXIMERA pull-out interior fittings are a great option for any room.

Kitchen design on a budget

3. We know looks are important.

Here at IKD, it’s not just about practicality and function. Since you started the process of your kitchen reno by hiring an architect, the finished product is certainly important in terms of appearance. While your first choice in terms of materials may have been custom cabinets, IKEA’s flexible and wide range of products can offer you MUCH less. For those looking for smooth solid colors that can mimic wood tones, IKEA’s melamine cabinets are an affordable solution that will look great and add an ultra-sleek, modern look to your kitchen design.

modern kitchen design

4. We partner with the best custom door manufacturers to help you create your dream kitchen.

If you want a really bespoke kitchen and IKEA doesn’t offer the door style you want (it has its limits) then there are many bespoke door manufacturers such as Semihandmade, Reform, Kokeena, Plykea and Scherrs who offer door and drawer fronts that are compatible with the SEKTION Kitchen cabinets from IKEA compatible. In fact, IKD has even been recognized by the New York Times as a real and unique design solution for customers considering using custom doors for their IKEA kitchens. These doors allow you to do the ultimate IKEA hack that feels completely custom made.

custom kitchen plan black island

So yeah – we can take your existing plans and translate them into an affordable, well-designed kitchen that connects IKEA offerings with the vision in your head and on your Pinterest board.

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