Are There Cooking Classes at MasterClass?

does masterclass have cooking classes

Online cooking classes called MasterClass offer courses taught by famous people and subject matter experts. Famous chefs including Gordon Ramsay, Dominique Ansel, and Gabriela Cámara teach classes there. I participated in 11 MasterClass cooking classes and prepared dishes like huevos rancheros and beef Wellington.

Many people find it challenging to prepare food well. Learning to prepare various foods, especially those from cuisines you are unfamiliar with, can be challenging, and occasionally those recipe blogs can’t provide you with the information you require. MasterClass is a fantastic learning tool for you if you want to improve your culinary abilities. On MasterClass, there are currently 19 virtual cookery classes available. We’ll examine whether they’re worthwhile given the cost.

MasterClass is an online learning platform established in 2014 and offers members tutorials and instructional videos on various subjects. MasterClass offers over 100 classes in 11 categories, including Arts & Entertainment, Business, Wellness, Community & Government, and Food. You can be sure you’re learning from the finest because each session is instructed by subject-matter experts, such as celebrity chefs, for the cooking lessons.

What kinds of online cookery courses are available through MasterClass?

General Cooking Techniques

Celebrity chefs like Gordan Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck, Thomas Keller, and Alice Waters can teach you the fundamental cooking techniques that will make you a proficient home cook in no time. Common cooking subjects include:

  • Cooking meat
  • Cooking seafood
  • Cooking vegetables
  • Restaurant cooking
  • The art of home cooking

Global Cuisines

Expert chefs in regional/ethnic cuisines give pupils tips and techniques to get it right because different delicacies worldwide require exceptional abilities to prepare effectively. Some subjects are:

  • Italian cooking
  • Middle eastern cooking
  • Mexican cooking
  • French pastry fundamentals
  • Indian cooking
  • Japanese cooking
  • Southern cooking
  • Texas-style BBQ

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