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Get up to 65% savings on pots, woks, and frying pans



save up to 65% on frying pans, woks and pots

Scanpan is a trusted brand in kitchens around the world. They are well-designed and durable, with nonstick surfaces and heat distribution. Scanpan’s sale is your chance to buy the brand if you’ve wanted it for a while, but were put off by the high price.

Amazon is currently offering discounts up to 65% on a variety of Scanpan products. Pots and pans might not seem as exciting as a portable blender or air fryer, but it is vital to invest in quality equipment that is used every single day.

This kind of sales are rare, so now is the right time to order. These products are almost gone. Don’t delay!

Have fun cooking!

Scanpan sale top picks

Scanpan 5 Piece Silver Set, Was $ 665 Now $ 229 (save $ 336)

The set includes a stockpot, a Dutch oven, a Dutch frying pan and a saucepan. The set comes with everything you need for preparing a wide range of dishes. If properly maintained, it will last a lifetime. This is a great deal to buy during the Scanpan sales if your current kitchen ware needs are being upgraded or you’re looking to start from scratch.

Scanpan Multipurpose Pan, $ 255, $ 98 (save $ 1507)

This pan can be used for more than one purpose, as the name implies. This device is versatile enough to cook a variety of dishes, including a stew or casserole. This makes it a great investment for those who live in small kitchens or apartments that don’t have enough storage.

Scanpan Milk Pan, $ 79.95, now $ 39.95 (save $40)

Although it is called a “milk pan” and can be used to heat milk, this pan can also be used to melt butter or make porridge. It is designed to heat everything evenly and perfectly.

Classic Induction Pan, Was $ 459 Now $ 155.90 (Save $ 309.10)

Scanpan Classic has the latest Stratanium Non-stick Coating. It is extremely durable and resists sticking. It will not warp and can be ovenproof to 260°F.

Scanpan Impact Saucepan was $145, now $57 (save $88).

A good saucepan is essential in every kitchen. It’s versatile enough to do everything, from frying eggs on Sunday morning to cooking dinner on Tuesday night. It is well-known for its large capacity (3.5 L) and strong handles.

Classic Sauté Pan, was $ 375, now $ 141.85 (save $ 233.15)

This pan is ideal for large meals with tall walls and a lid. If you prefer to do the dishes in the dishwasher, this pan is also dishwasher-safe.

The original induction wok cost $ 445, but is now only $ 129 (a savings of $ 316).

A wok is a versatile device that every kitchen must have. This induction wok can be used for winter dishes like stir-fries or curries. It is made of 100% recycled crush-cast aluminium and has the Scanpan exclusive titanium nonstick coating. This makes it easy to clean up after all the delicious food you have enjoyed.

Impact Sauté Pan, was $ 185, now $ 77 (save $ 108)

The non-stick coating, tempered glasses lid, and patent handle allow you to create delicious dishes. This pan can be used to make pasta, rice dishes, or roasts.

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