How to overcome the shortage of IKEA kitchen cabinets

understanding the lack of ikea kitchen cabinets (and what to

How to plan your project when IKEA has a cabinet shortage

You may have noticed something is missing in your local IKEA. No doubt, our designers have.

This is because IKEA has had a severe impact on its supply chain since COVID-19 was implemented in March 2020. This will result in IKEA cabinets being stored at a reduced level both here and abroad. This will cause delays in shipping purchased items as well as general headaches to all parties.

IKEA cabinet shortage

You may feel frustrated, confused, and even angry right now if you are just starting to research your IKEA kitchen. We are IKEA experts and can help you.

How did we get to this point? According to ASCM (Association for Supply Chain Management), the main reason for closet shortages is simple.

“When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out (in 2020), shipping companies correctly predicted that demand would fall, causing ships to stand empty. However, in the second half of the year, companies saw a dramatic acceleration in demand – much faster than expected – when airlines realized they needed to reconfigure their plans as the global economy began to recover. Meanwhile, consumers drove demand by ordering more products for entertainment, home improvement, home office equipment and more – all through e-commerce at an unprecedented price, ”According to the ASCM website.

In other words, the COVID-19 era was a time when consumers were eager to renovate their homes. They chose IKEA cabinets and quickly exceeded supply. COVID-19 prohibited international shipping at the same time.

As IKEA says on its website, “During the pandemic outbreak, the lockdown [caused]Closing of shops in many countries… We sold more product than we anticipated. Due to the increase in online orders and new security measures at our warehouses, shipping and delivery can be delayed significantly.

IKEA shortage

Container ships have blocked the Suez Canal for several years. IKEA claimed that not only did the ship block hundreds more ships, but it also contained over 100 IKEA boxes for Europe and the USA.

IKEA customers want to know when more kitchen cabinets will be in stores. You are probably searching for the best strategy for getting your IKEA design ready to go for the day when it can be purchased again. We hope you have some of these answers at your fingertips right now.

Let’s take another look.

IKEA Inventory Update

You are probably asking the main question, other than where have all IKEA’s kitchen cabinets gone?

Puzzle pieces

The truth is that IKEA does not know the answer.

“We can’t predict it [when the situation will go back to normal]. We just know that we work hard to meet your needs. We work closely with our suppliers to replenish our products. Your needs are important to us and we work hard to meet them, ”IKEA.

Keep in mind that depending on the item, the waiting time can be quite long – up to five weeks or more.

IKEA has reopened some of its stores to accommodate the delays and will use alternative delivery methods for cabinet delivery. Customers will also be kept informed about stock status. IKEA will, for example, use rail transport to move more kitchen cabinets from China to Europe. Customers are encouraged to check the availability of products in their local stores online and on the IKEA App before they visit. We have improved the accuracy of inventory data and keep it updated frequently.

Cabinet shortage

The company informs customers that products could be out of stock. Customers can review them and take them off their shelves.

Plan your IKEA project accordingly

You might be wondering, “What am I doing now?” I am glad you asked.

Our design team recommends that you start to think about your project as if you were at an IKEA sales event. That means being prepared.

Particularly, we recommend you take a look at your space and reflect on how you’d like to use it. This will allow to narrow down IKEA cabinets that best suit your design. It is possible to visit third-party custom door companies, such as Semihandmade Reform and Kokeena, which have door fronts that work with IKEA’s SECTION frame. For more inspiration, we recommend HOUZZ or Pinterest.

After you’ve done some product and design research, as well as some room planning, you’ll want to start budgeting the kitchen, including studying the installation costs, and getting an idea of ​​how quickly the project needs to be completed. Remember that a kitchen remodel can cause disruption even in the best of circumstances. So, consider your family’s future needs when you plan your IKEA kitchen installation.

It’s important that you remember the following guidelines from IKEA when visiting stores during COVID-19. Sign up for the IKEA Familie Program to get the most recent information about kitchen cabinets. This is a great way to keep up-to-date with IKEA’s changes.

The company website adds, “When you shop online at IKEA, you have access to a link to track your order: order/. IKEA will notify your via text or SMS (text) if there are any problems with your item’s availability.

IKEA’s kitchen cabinet inventory is not perfect. However, there are steps you could take to reduce the impact on your IKEA kitchen. IKEA’s closet selection process can be walked through by IKD. We want you to be prepared when IKEA’s inventory is complete.

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