IKEA cabinet installation and your kitchen

ikea cabinet installation and your kitchen

Part 1 of a three-part series to understand the cost of installing IKEA cabinets

One of the most important comments we get from our customers is that the installation costs associated with IKEA kitchen cabinets are difficult to understand and people would be very grateful if we could explain it to them. Happy to oblige!

Calculating the cost of kitchen design

In this three part series, our team will introduce you to some of the IKEA cabinet installation cost scenarios you are likely to face in your IKEA kitchen remodel. Part 1 focuses on the installation cost per job.

Why is that so important? As you will see, cabinet installation prices vary and there are good reasons for that. For starters, there are several issues that IKEA cabinet installers need to consider when pricing for the assembly and installation of your IKEA cabinets. This is a cost that a new IKEA remover or even a seasoned home improvement may not necessarily consider when the project begins – but a professional IKEA installer does.

Ron Malka, owner of Kitchen Assembly in Miami, FL, states, “[Installation costs] are like an optical illusion. The customer may be impressed with the total cost of the kitchen but doesn’t see the hidden costs associated with installing it as it is a ready-to-assemble (RTA) product that requires more labor. “Other factors, such as the materials chosen and whether the space is being properly measured, can also affect installation costs. (Pro tip: also keep in mind the size and configuration of your layout.)

Customers looking to better understand installation costs and stay on budget for their IKEA kitchen will surely appreciate some expert knowledge to help them with this. Law?

Let’s take a look!

IKEA installation prices

Understandably, most IKEA customers just want to know how much my installation will cost. Well, it can be difficult to get an exact number for your IKEA kitchen cabinet installation at first. Factors vary. However, there are some loose rules of thumb to keep in mind.

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Michael O., owner of IBEABuilder in San Francisco Bay, CA, explains, “The cost of installing a kitchen is between $ 150 and $ 200 per cabinet, and that includes cabinets, doors, drawers, cover plates and kick panels, fillers and pulling devices – no equipment installation, electrical work or demos. There is also a difference in the way I quote an order compared to the way IKEA quotes an order. My prices are usually 10 percent lower than IKEA’s. IKEA dismantles every small item and I price by job. But before I make an exact offer, I need to see the client’s plans. I am looking [to see] whether there is an island and whether it is attached to a wooden or concrete floor (which takes a few hours longer). There are many small factors. “That includes whether there are corner cabinets and whether the design allows for wall cabinets to be stacked, which takes additional time, he says.

In addition, the price of your installation increases if the cabinets you have selected have been customized or modified by a third party manufacturer such as Semihandmade. “The biggest difference in price for parts and labor (excluding equipment and countertops) is definitely in fronts,” says Michael.

On average, a full renovation of a 10 ‘× 12’ kitchen costs about $ 26,000 to $ 38,000. In contrast, a typical IKEA kitchen costs $ 13,500 to $ 19,000, depending on your kitchen size and the type of cabinets, as well as other accessories and appliances you choose.

Kitchen installation costs

According to the Remodelingcalculator.org website, most homeowners report spending $ 14,500 to $ 16,500 on a full kitchen from IKEA. Remember, the average IKEA kitchen has around 20 cabinets. For a smaller IKEA kitchen, you can expect an average price of around $ 2,500. Larger IKEA kitchens would raise that price to $ 3,600 or more.

Walk alone

If you are a DIY enthusiast and want to assemble and install your IKEA cabinets yourself, make sure you are knowledgeable about your things.

According to the installers we spoke to, many IKEA customers face challenges here and, unfortunately, unnecessary costs. “Most [IKEA customers] don’t have the knowledge [installing IKEA cabinets] and make mistakes, ”says Ron. “You don’t know when to put the cabinets together to really slide the back of the IKEA cabinets into the groove and make sure the box is square. Most people don’t and the drawers and doors come out crooked. Customers think they saved money, but then I have to repeat the process and they end up paying more. “

Michael adds, “A quarter of an inch can really shed a job. You may need to buy a new cabinet and then the cabinet is out of stock. Then you need to reschedule your countertop service provider to create new templates so that there is a chain reaction. “

He continues, “There is no way you can get the same quality cuisine as if you paid for it [a professional installer]. You could be the most skilled kitchen installer in the world and have never done an IKEA kitchen before. Even if the cabinets are already assembled, they will be installed completely differently because IKEA cabinets are on a railing system. “

So when you choose to remodel your IKEA kitchen, you are making a real commitment to minimizing unexpected installation costs and delays. This includes making sure you plan properly and find the right installer so that your IKEA installation runs properly.

Pitching In

There are actually things you can do as an IKEA customer to cut costs on parts and labor – while saving yourself time and stress.

Delays in installing the kitchen cabinet

For one, you need to make sure your IKEA cabinet boxes aren’t far from the kitchen. This will reduce delays in installing boxes in the kitchen by the plumber before assembly and installation begins. Second, it is better to let the installer rely on the actual inventory list than to organize the cabinets into your own system, which can lead to confusion. Finally, make sure the kitchen is ready for installation in terms of the location of the plumbing and the completion of the drywall.

As you can see, there are many factors that go into getting a fair price tag when installing your IKEA kitchen. We hope this information provides a basis for a better understanding of these issues and steps you can take to make your job smoother.

Be sure to take a look at the second part of our series when we discuss the installation costs associated with the cabinet box. See you!

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