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IKEA kitchen given radiant, fresh look by customer



customer gives ikea kitchen a radiant, fresh look

You can see how IKEA kitchen cabinetry has brightened up an otherwise dark kitchen

A few creative ideas are often required to design a successful kitchen.

Amber, an IKD customer from Tampa, FL knew her kitchen needed some work. “The kitchen was too dark and the room really needed a makeover,”She says. “I really wanted a kitchen that was functional and a space that the whole family could enjoy,”She says.

Amber sought inspiration from kitchen designs on HOUZZ. She hired IKD to help her realize her design vision.

“I needed more space for my family because we have quite a large family and we like to eat together. So some decisions had to be made, including ripping out a wall, buying new stainless steel appliances that retained a bit of the rural, traditional flair of the kitchen (after all, it was built in 1895!). It would have been a shame to build a kitchen that was too modern for the space, ”She said.

She chose the AKURUM IKEA kitchen system with white LINDINGO cabinets IKEA for the lower and upper cabinets, as well as the large central island. IKEA LINDINGO cabinets have teak worktops for the island, quartz worktops around the perimeter worktops and the stainless steel appliances. Note: IKEA AKURUM, IKEA LINDINGO and both IKEA LINDINGO are no longer available. Customers who have an older AKURUM system can still upgrade their kitchens with custom-made fronts from Semihandmade, a third-party manufacturer of cabinet fronts.

It is a bright IKEA Kitchen with lots of storage space and a work surface. This creates an efficient workflow while maintaining a warm and subtle design theme. It was possible with a $ 6,000 budget, she says. “The IKEA cabinets offer just the right amount of modern amenities together with the original, airy, rural ambience that we wanted. It’s great fun to have family meals or Sunday morning breakfasts with friends.

It was a pleasure to hear Bernstein.

Let’s take a look at Amber’s kitchen!

Great idea for an IKEA-style kitchen

ikea kitchen island
Once dark and cramped, the kitchen became an IKEA kitchen. It has lots of storage space, workflow, and natural light.

“We were originally concerned because there was little storage space and the counter surface was interrupted and scattered. It was too small to make cookies or allow our children to help in the kitchen. The original cabinets made the room look smaller and were too dark. We needed your help.

Amber created a list of essential items to have in her kitchen remodel. This includes floor-to-ceiling cabinets and IKEA LIDINGO white-painted doors. Storage for small appliances like your blender, slow cooker, toaster, etc.; A shelf for the microwave, custom crown moldings, and a storage facility for cookbooks.

The IKD design group has included white IKEA LINDINGO units along the perimeter of both the top and bottom cabinets. These cabinets can be used from the stainless range to the refrigerator. This gives you plenty of storage space to store dishes, glasses, baking goods, and other items that are needed for entertaining or baking throughout the year (Amber boasted about her Christmas cookies! It is also complemented with quartz countertops. You can also add a storage cabinet to enhance the space. This is great for larger items such as phones, and it doesn’t take up too much space. Natural light is allowed to enter the space from the window above the sink.

“We love our fresh IKEA kitchen with its individual touches. This kitchen feels like home thanks to the moldings, built in cupboards, handles, and counters. We love it! “Bernstein concludes.

Concentrate your attention

white ikea cabinets
Amber’s kitchen is centered around the large island at its center.

“I love the teak countertops and the warmth it creates in our kitchen. The children also like to help with baking by handing me a cookbook or rolling out dough on the island, ”she describes.

Insel solved Amber’s problem with cookbook storage by providing open shelving and additional pull-out drawers. Additional drawers are located on the opposite side to provide additional storage and maximize space. She also mentions that there are outlets at the island for charging their blender, toaster, or computer, when they are doing homework.

“At first I wasn’t sure about the island idea, but I’m so glad that I listened to the IKD designer. It was a great storage solution and makes the kitchen look fresh without being too modern, ”She concludes.

Customer advisory

Amber says that remodeling involves a few steps that IKEA customers must remember.

She says, “Above all I would recommend having clear vision, a budget, and a list of what you absolutely want.” These things saved us time and stress.

She concludes, “I would also say that you should be open about revising your original wish list. IKD and other design professionals can help you to see the best of your original wish list. I didn’t think of a center island for our IKEA kitchen. But it was our favorite part.

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