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KamadoSpace is like your outdoor kitchen



kamadospace is like your outdoor kitchen

If you’re looking for a way to organize your barbecue equipment and put your grilling skills to the test, masters of the art KamadoSpace have fully supported.

Vilnius (GLOBE NewSWIRE), September 12, 2021 – As you become a master griller, how much space do you need to store all your accessories? They take up more space over time than you think. We were all there. Portable barbecue islands could be the solution to your problem.

KamadoSpace is the most popular choice. This kitchen comes on wheels and is specifically designed for Kamado barbecues. You will find a stainless steel table top and drawers on the grill island. There are shelves to store all accessories such as cast iron rods, heat reflectors and Kazans. There is also space for charcoal or natural gas, dishes, and spices. You can find everything easily at your fingertips and don’t need to go home if salt or sugar are forgotten.

“KamadoSpace is very compact and everything has its place. And of course the favorable price-performance ratio. I kept all of my Kamado accessories in front of KamadoSpace on shelves and boxes, and always had to look around before I could use them. It’s a lot more fun when you have everything to hand and can go straight from the table to the grill, as in the kitchen, ”Klaus Breinig is a German award-winning grill master.

Marcus Bawdon, a BBQ master from Great Britain, describes a similar experience: “All too often you run out of space, work surface and storage space when grilling. I used to only have my kamado on a stand. There was no storage space and I struggled for space on the countertop. KamadoSpace makes a big difference by creating space to work. ”

It is also important that the table is mobile so that you are not tied to a certain place. Mobility extends the limits of grilling, both in terms of the effective space around the kamado and in terms of more freedom and comfort so that you can enjoy your grilling experience.

“KamadoSpace is well designed and built; it looks nice and is very practical. It has given me space to be more creative and has become a linchpin for my outdoor cooking, ”adds Bawdon.

Grill masters agree that good grilling requires high-quality meat, great charcoal, grill operation with the lid shut, order, and fun.

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