REI welcomes ‘OXO Outdoor’, a new camp kitchen that is only offered in the Co-op

rei welcomes 'oxo outdoor', a new camp kitchen that is

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OXO Outdoor, a sister brand of Hydro Flask, is making its exclusive debut at REI with products for cooking and cleaning in the camp.

This month, REI will be launching a new brand in its stores on its website, although cooperative members have likely seen it before. OXO housewares often grace the aisles of department stores and large retailers such as Bed, Bath & Beyond. Hence, it seems like an odd step targeting outdoor enthusiasts.

But today the mainstay of the kitchen and bathroom is winding itself into a new segment OXO outdoor, a range of “long-lasting tools that meet the special requirements of camping kitchens”.

The first rollout will be introduced exclusively at REI with 10 products. However, both OXO outdoor and REI said they will evaluate customer insights to bring more products to market over the next year “and beyond”.

“Our research has shown that consumers with a focus on outdoors were not given access to high-quality, functional cooking tools for outdoors. As a result, many used worn or retired tools from home. OXO is developing better gear for better outdoor cooking and cleaning experiences, specifically designed for campers and their needs, ”said Larry Witt, president of housewares for Helen of Troy, the parent company of OXO and Hydro Flask.

Here are the debut products for the new OXO outdoor Line:

  • OXO Outdoor Flexible Silicone Utensil 2-piece set: This two-piece silicone utensil set has a highly heat-resistant construction that is ideal for cooking on camping stoves. MSRP $ 16.95.
  • OXO Outdoor Grill Turner and Tongs Set: The sturdy duo is suitable for any barbecue adventure and has a built-in bottle opener for convenience on the campsite. MSRP $ 19.95.
  • OXO Outdoor can and bottle opener: Comfortable, reliable design for easy opening. MSRP $ 14.95.
  • OXO outdoor campsite squeeze bottle set: A reusable solution for storing, mixing, measuring and dispensing cooking oil, spices, syrup, soap and more in camp kits. MSRP $ 9.95.
  • OXO outdoor cutting board for stable surfaces: Reliable, double-sided design for stability in any camp kitchen. MSRP $ 11.95.
  • OXO Outdoor pots and pan scrapers: Efficiently remove leftover food, grease and dirt from dishes and cookware with one handy tool. MSRP $ 5.95.
  • OXO outdoor cast iron grill pan brush: Tough enough to tackle cast iron and carbon steel cookware, gentle enough for non-stick pots and pans. Scrubs without soap or detergent to preserve the spices and protect the surfaces. MSRP $ 9.95.
  • * *OXO Outdoor Campgrounds French press: With a break-proof Tritan Renew carafe made from 50% recycled recycling, the OXO Outdoors Campground French Press has a more environmentally friendly design for better coffee everywhere. MSRP $ 24.95.
  • * *OXO Outdoor 8-inch chef’s knife with protective cover: Sharp, durable and comfortable storage kitchen with a protective sleeve that holds the knife securely and helps hold the edge of the blade. MSRP $ 14.95.
  • * *OXO Outdoor Griddle Turner: Durable, professional lathe is the perfect partner for grill pans, frying pans and cast iron hobs. MSRP $ 13.95.


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