Understand IKD’s signature IKEA kitchen hacks for 2021

understand ikd's signature ikea kitchen hacks for 2021

Review of personalized IKEA kitchen hacks courtesy of IKD

If the vision for your IKEA kitchen remodeling calls for unique storage ideas or your kitchen has awkward dimensions that create real spatial challenges, our IKEA kitchen hacks will solve them.

At IKD, we’ve incorporated our signature IKEA hacks into nearly 60% of our customers’ IKEA kitchen designs (and other room designs) to improve storage options and bypass IKEA’s closet size restrictions. In fact, we’ve designed well over 3,000 IKEA kitchens and developed a successful two-part formula that includes our Hacks Extra Items List – which shows all of the items you need for your IKEA hack – as well as a “blueprint” (instructions / renderings) of the Steps required to assemble and install your modified IKEA closet.

But what is an IKEA kitchen hack? IKEA hacks are modifications to standard IKEA cabinets (and cabinet fronts from third-party manufacturers) to create individual design solutions – and at the same time work seamlessly with IKEA’s SECTION cabinet frame. Typically, these hacks include unique storage solutions, usable fillers, and even custom equipment garages. We’ve integrated IKEA kitchen hacks as a personalized coffee station, post-workout station, children’s breakfast bar, post station and charging station, among other things, and the best part is that these solutions are inexpensive and easy to make.

All of this is, of course, to maximize storage and efficiency in your space: two crucial (and highly sought after) elements that we hear from our customers. In other words, custom kitchen design options like this alleviate any design “pain points” you (and therefore your contractor or installer) may feel while building your kitchen.

In this two-part series, however, our team of designers would like to share with you some of our IKEA hacks, ideas that only IKEA cabinet experts can produce. (Keep in mind that IKD was recommended by the New York Times as a design resource for customers considering custom doors for their closets.) This includes hacks that improve storage with base cabinets and wall cabinets, all with the goal of Maximize the function and style of your IKEA kitchen.

Let’s take a look!

Custom-made IKEA base units

The main goal of our custom design solutions is to solve space use and storage problems, and bespoke IKEA base cabinets offer a variety of options in this regard.

One area where this really helps is when you need to take advantage of an otherwise empty space in a number of base cabinets. Sometimes, as hard as you try, IKEA’s modular sizing doesn’t completely fill the space; that is, there remain gaps in the distance that are covered by decorative fillers. IKEA kitchen cabinet widths only start at 12 inches wide. So if there is more than 5 inches of dead space left in your design, you have dead spaces that are not being used.

individual ikea cabinets 1. Custom width, full height door cabinets instead of extra wide fillers that hide dead spaces are a great way to solve this problem. IKD takes a low drawer front from IKEA and places it vertically. Since the low drawer front is 5 inches high, if you turn it 90 degrees you will have a 5 inch wide door. Simple. (Note: IKEA does not sell a 5 “wide cabinet, but there are companies that offer solutions for large fillers and small spaces. The Rev-A-Shelf Filler Pullout Organizer with ball bearing soft-close sink and floor accessories is available for 3” and 6 ”base cabinet applications and is supplied fully assembled.

Likewise, corners are a notorious challenge for customers and, to be honest, for many designers too. This is especially true for smaller IKEA kitchens.

Base blind corner cabinets 2. Base blind corner cabinets – are the adjustable corner cabinets between two rows of base cabinets – and very useful for smaller rooms. Since IKEA only offers a 47 inch (W) base cabinet blind corner unit, our hack reduces it to 36 inches for tight corners. In this way, a corner that would have been a dead space can be used entirely for storage.

In addition, corner sink kitchen designs have become very popular. The only problem is that customers cannot easily use the space due to spatial challenges (in relation to the surrounding arrangement). It feels like sticking a square pin into a round hole!

custom corner sink 3. Tailor-made corner sinks with retrofitted IKEA cabinets – like here in this kitchen with IKEA KUNGSBACKA fronts – can meet this requirement. IKEA doesn’t offer a square sink cabinet, so our custom corner pedestal angle sink kit solves this design problem.

IKEA kitchen hacks for wall cabinets

Closet hacks are just as important in IKEA kitchens and offer many design options. (IKEA door styles that work particularly well are HAGGEBY, VEDDINGE, and RINGHULT).

Especially if you have a large kitchen – perhaps with very high or low ceilings – you need bespoke wall units.

ikea closet hacks

1. Custom height wall cabinets solve the problem of cabinets not reaching ceiling height; or too high for low ceilings. Homeowners don’t want gaps between the top of their cabinets and the ceiling. Trying to stack 40 “, 30”, and 20 “tall cabinets just won’t work. Our hacks create intermediate sizes that adapt to your ceiling height.

2. Likewise, our two door closet configurations are custom made so the cabinets can be placed over appliances like the stove or refrigerator for easy storage (we’ll be sharing more about our IKEA hacks for closets and appliances in Part Two). Custom closet applications also solve the problem of closet sizes that IKEA does not offer as standard.

This is how our hack formula works

Once you’ve decided to incorporate custom IKEA hacks into your kitchen, IKD has a successful two-part formula to help you achieve your design goal.

cost forumla ikea closets

In particular, we provide our customers with a separate Hacks Extra Items List with their design so that they know exactly the item, the code and the amount to build their hack. Not only does this eliminate unnecessary customer guesswork during the buying process, but it is a guide for cabinet installers as they assemble their IKEA cabinets.

In addition, our team provides step-by-step instructions with instructions on how to assemble your custom IKEA cabinet. This includes detailed explanations of the dimensions of the changes to be made by the installer, the assembly sequence and the specific purpose of each item in relation to the custom-made cabinet.

IKEA closet

In other words, how to assemble it! In addition to this, we also provide a detailed, numbered rendering that shows all the required parts (from the hack list) and their assembly. This guides the plumber – or the very skilled handyman – in assembling the custom cabinet.

The bottom line is that IKEA customers benefit greatly from knowing that IKEA cabinets offer individual design options. After all, you don’t want to leave an otherwise beautiful IKEA kitchen with unused or dead rooms. IKEA kitchen hacks not only give you more valuable storage space in your IKEA kitchen, but also give your designs a unique stamp.

Be on the lookout for more IKEA device-based kitchen hacks we’ll be sharing soon!

Find out more about how we can design your IKEA kitchen, bathroom and closet https://inspiredkitchendesign.com.

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