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Use Semihandmade’s custom fronts for your IKEA kitchen



use semihandmade's custom fronts for your ikea kitchen

How the custom-made fronts from Semihandmade add style and save money

You have decided on an IKEA kitchen and now it is time to choose the cupboards. If you’re a first-time customer at IKEA, you may not know what direction to take with your remodeling project. Let us help.

As qualified design professionals, we recommend Semihandmade, Los Angeles, CA custom-made cabinet fronts as your first choice. This is why. This is because, even though you have been searching on Pinterest and HOUZZ for IKEA kitchens, you might not know that Semihandmade cabinet fronts work seamlessly with the IKEA modular building kit. This means that custom-made door panels are a great way to personalize your IKEA Kitchen (or bathroom, living space, or closet) and save a few dollars. (For reference, IKEA cabinet doors generally range from $ 70 to $ 120, and semi-handcrafted doors range from $ 120 to $ 185 (this is the price for a 24 × 30 door in a variety of styles). [Source:] Customers who are considering custom closet doors should consider IKD, which was recommended by the New York Times.

Bathroom rendering semi handcrafted front

Semihandmade’s most popular styles are the DIY shakers, Super Matte White Slab cabinet fronts, Super Matte Clay Slab base cabinets fronts, drawer faces, and toe kicks.

IKD designer Florence explains: “Semi-handcrafted products are long-lasting products and the doors are thicker than IKEA’s doors. The cost is a little higher than IKEA, but not that much. It’s worth it. “She points out that customers also have the option of using semi-handcrafted DIY Shaker and DIY Slab styles.” This allows customers to paint the fronts themselves and save money. In fact, the price difference is between IKEA and semi-handmade minimal to get a better front quality. ”(Note: IKD was also named by Martha Stewart Living as an expert in reducing renovation costs).

The following information will be helpful to IKEA customers looking to learn more about Semihandmade’s custom fronts.

Let’s have a look.

Quantity and quality

Today, SHM has completed more than 20,000 projects with its fronts in every room in the home, including the kitchen, bathroom, media room, bedroom and closets, among others. There are many options available, such as a bathroom design that incorporates IKEA’s GODMORGON vanity. IKEA also offers fronts that can be combined with IKEA’s SECTION frame. These fronts are also available for older kitchens using IKEA’s AKURUM system. Semihandmade will make custom fronts for the AKURUM kitchen system. “The same goes for SECTION cabinets. If the customer just wants to upgrade the fronts, he can, ”Florence explains.

Media center rendering

Custom concepts

One of the main reasons for semi-handmade is of course the possibility to give your IKEA kitchen a personal look. “With Semihandmade you can design cabinets individually, with IKEA on the other hand [style] Limitations, ”Florence.

A perfect example of this is Alyx, an IKEA customer from Lake George NY and her husband. As part of an open concept in your holiday home, the kitchen offers two different styles for its doors: the wall cabinets have the DIY panel doors from SHM that they have painted dark; while the kitchen island uses the reclaimed wood doors from Semihandmade as a stylistic addition. (Note: This kitchen was created using IKEA’s AKURUM cabinet systems. The couple can enjoy style and extra storage with lots of sturdy cabinetry, which allows them to care for their friends and family.

This natural-looking kitchen was designed by Merari, an IKEA designer. It features semi-handcrafted bespoke fronts. Specifically, the layout includes the SM Shaker White cabinet fronts from Semihandmade for the sink and hob wall areas; and Semihandmade SM Chris Loves Julia cabinet fronts for the tall cabinets. These are complemented by IKEA MAXIMERA drawers and IKEA UTRUSTA hinges – make the room stylish, efficient and ideal for cooking; something that the customer likes to do in his spare time. “This is a space that flows while cooking and is the perfect setting for a chef and the delight of the guests,” She says.

Florence concludes: “The choice of semi-handcrafted doors also has a major impact on the customer’s quality of living. Semi-handmade doors can be considered high-end at a fraction the cost. They are also more durable and can be customized.

Mudroom rendering semi-handcrafted fronts

Comfort factor

Another important factor is the sheer convenience of semi-handcrafted fronts. Semihandmade doors are compatible with IKEA hinges, making installation easy and seamless. Semihandmade can also offer custom sizes for IKEA hacks. You may not have thought to include an appliance garage in your IKEA Kitchen. An appliance garage is a cabinet that houses kitchen appliances such as food processors, blenders, and toasters. IKEA’s section line does not offer an appliance garage. Instead, the ‘hack” uses a tall pantry to make one. It also uses custom doors to do this.

Kitchen semi-handcrafted front

IKEA is not the only closet company that you can choose from. “They also have great chat customer service [on the Semihandmade Web site]“Says Florence.

Semihandmade’s IKEA SECTION design expertise combined with Semihandmade’s ability to offer a curated catalogue of bespoke doors will ensure that Semihandmade’s custom door fronts are tailored to the needs of IKD customers. You can also be sure that Semihandmade’s designs by IKD match yours!

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