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WKRG News 5: Camping kitchens for beginners



a beginner's guide to camping kitchens wkrg news 5

What should you cook while camping?

It doesn’t matter if you are camping with your friends, or with your family. One of the best things about camping is the ability to make great food.

Cooking can be difficult enough without the right tools. Make sure to stock up on the essentials before you go on your next trip.

How to prepare for camping cooking

Begin with the basics

Coleman 4-person dome tent for camping

Once you have your camping gear packed, you can start to prepare the food. While you want to ensure you have marshmallow skewers on hand, if you want to impress your family and friends, you will need to be a little more skilled.

Think camping kitchens

Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill 18 Inch Black

The gear you already have is a lot so any additional groceries or cooking utensils will only increase your burden. You can bring a charcoal grill but you will need to gather a lot of items.

Although camping kitchens can take up more space than other models, they are a great investment if you intend to cook often during your trip. There are many things you will need.

Do not forget the little things

Portable camping kitchen utensil set

It’s the little things you forget to pack that are often the most costly. Do not make the same mistake. While a camping utensil package is a good investment, you should also make sure to have enough paper plates and cups.

The best camping kitchens

Outsunny 6 'portable, collapsible camping kitchen made of aluminum

Outsunny 6 ′ Portable, foldable camping kitchen made of aluminum

This lightweight, foldable camping stove is made of strong aluminum and durable fabric. This lightweight, portable camping kitchen is easy to transport and can be a great companion for your camping adventures. The kitchen is spacious and has many compartments so you can store all the ingredients to make a delicious meal out in the wild. You can use the windshield to block the wind and keep the heat in the kitchen for quicker, more even cooking.

Amazon: The Place to Buy

CNCEST RV gas stove

CNCEST RV gas stove

This outdoor camp kitchen is the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen. It includes a sink, hob, and fixed pot shelf. The multi-stage fire setting is easy to use and allows for heat control. The three-dimensional intake structure ensures that oxygen is replenished and combustion fumes are reduced.

Amazon: The Place to Buy

Giantex folding grill table

Giantex folding barbecue table

This spacious camping kitchen is great for large families or groups. The kitchen includes a main table measuring 26 x 16 inches, 2 side tables, and a zippered box for storage. Every item is designed to simplify outdoor cooking.

Amazon: The Place to Buy

Mountain Summit Gear kitchen table with castors

Mountain Summit Gear kitchen tables with castors

This is the main focal point of the campsite. It’s a deluxe kitchen table on a roll table. This table has plenty of space to prepare meals and a two-burner camp stove. You can make delicious meals for small and large groups by using this rolling table. It has multiple shelves that can store all your condiments and dry goods.

Backcountry and Amazon are the sources of supply

The best camping cooking appliances

MSR Alpine Deluxe kitchen set

MSR Alpine Deluxe kitchen set

This set includes everything you need for making the best wild food. A measuring spoon, a strong carbon steel knife and a cutting board are included.

Amazon and the backcountry are two sources of supply

Stanley Adventure Base Camp cooking set

Stanley Adventure Base Camp cooking set

This massive base camp cooking set has everything you need for grilling, sautéing, boiling, and roasting all kinds of foods you need while camping. This set comes with four meals. The durable, scratch-resistant stainless steel pots & pans are dishwasher-safe and rustproof.

Amazon and the backcountry are two sources of supply

MSR Quick 2 cooking system

MSR Quick 2 cooking system

This cooking system is great for backpackers and camping. You can fit plates, bowls, and cups into this lightweight, portable cooking system. It is great for small groups or backpackers.

Amazon and the backcountry are two sources of supply

GSI Outdoors Nylon 3-piece ring cooking tool set

GSI Outdoors Nylon 3-piece ring cooking tool set

This 3-piece tool set includes rings that will hold all your camping tools together. This nylon tool set is heat-resistant and can be used to cook at high temperatures.


Stansport camping tripod made of cast iron

Cast iron Stansport camping tripod

This camping tripod is ideal for hanging Dutch ovens, coffee pots, and water jugs. Simply use the “S”Hook to adjust the cooking height to set the desired temperature.

Amazon: The Place to Buy

Coghlan's Pop-Up Trash

Pop-Up Trash at Coghlan

A reusable pop-up trash container and trash can will keep your campsite tidy after you’ve cooked delicious meals in your campsite kitchen. This durable camping trash container is made of polyethylene and can withstand tears and leaks.

Amazon: The Place to Buy

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