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Your kitchen can be made more efficient with a pull-out trash container



a handy pull out trash cabinet can improve the function of

Are you looking for a For your kitchen, pull-out trash can binWhat should you do? You should make your kitchen a place that is convenient and easy to use.

pull out trash can cabinet

The best thing to do when you are looking to renovate your kitchen is to use a Draw-out trash cabinet. These cabinets conceal the trash can from anyone who might be looking and prevent your kitchen from becoming stale.

Like all projects or investments, it can be a little tricky when you start, so we’re here to provide you with some great pull-out trash can cabinet ideas as well as products. You’re not alone in trying to make your home a more convenient space, so let’s get started, with some quick overviews of pull-out trash bins.

How can a pull-out trash cabinet improve the use of your kitchen?

While all of these cabinets and bins may seem appealing, it is possible that you are still unsure what they can do for your kitchen. The truth is quite simple, but may require some explanation.

How Can a Pull-Out Trash Cabinet Improve the Use of Your Kitchen?

Your garbage can be hidden for obvious reasons. No matter who comes into your kitchen, in the event of visitors or even residents, you don’t have to see the unpleasant sight of garbage piling up in a corner. Your kitchen will look better if you keep the trash out of reach.

It keeps the trash can away from reach. A toppled trash container is not something you want to see, even if it’s not something you would like. Your pets won’t be able to reach the trash can cabinets with pull-outs, and neither will your children. By the time they’re using the pull-out cabinet, they’re not interested in toppling the can. Oh, also, you won’t accidentally topple or trip over the can yourself when it’s tucked in a cabinet.

It’s a wonderful thought to be free from the unpleasant smell of garbage. It’s a known fact that the more garbage there is, the stronger the smell gets. It’s not pleasant having to cook, only to smell the day’s worth of residue. The smell can be kept in a cabinet to prevent it from spreading, but this also means that the cabinet will need regular cleanings.

Five of the Best Pull-Out Trash Can Cabinet Options

Now, without further ado, we’re going to dive into the pull-out trash can cabinets we have in store for our loyal readers. These are all great options for any kitchen remodel project.

Best Under-the-Sink Trash Bin Cabinet – Stainless Steel Pullout Trash Can

Best Under-the-Sink Trash Bin Cabinet - Stainless Steel Pullout Trash CanSee the gallery

People think of the sink as the best place to store their trash cans. There is ample space, there are plenty of hidden items, and the sink may be the most used area in your kitchen.

When you’re doing the dishes, cleaning, washing food, it’s most probably above the sink. The trash bins will be under your feet when the garbage accumulates. This space can also hold more than one bin, so it’s an ideal position for big families who create a lot of garbage.

This style allows for lots of space under the sink, thanks to its pull-out bins. They can be placed on the side or the middle, and still provide ample storage space for your other belongings.

Best Minimalist Trash Bin Cabinet – Stainless Steel Pull out Trash Can

Best Minimalist Trash Bin Cabinet - Stainless Steel Pull out Trash CanSee the gallery

Today, minimalist designs are popular. Sometimes, less is more. This stainless steel pull-out trash cabinet is no exception.

Installation is simple, it’s easy on the eyes, and pulling it out is a breeze. When you’re not trying to attract attention to your pull-out trash bins, this cabinet appliance blends in with the environment wonderfully. It blends in seamlessly with the kitchen and its robust construction will serve you well for many years.

Best Single Trash Bin Cabinet – Plastic Pull Out Trash Can

Best Single Trash Bin Cabinet - Plastic Pull Out Trash CanSee the gallery

In small kitchens, you can’t expect to have more than one trash bin. It’s just not reasonable to have two when you don’t even make that much of a mess. This compact plastic trash bin and pull out cabinet can be found in small kitchens with limited shuffle space.

You can install it in either a wide or narrow cabinet, depending on your kitchen’s layout. It does not have bulky parts. Your bin is simply mounted in a frame made of metal.

Best Wooden Trash Bin Cabinet – Pull Out Trash Can

Best Wooden Trash Bin Cabinet - Pull Out Trash CanSee the gallery

The pull-out trash cabinets will look great in a kitchen with a wooden theme. The strong structure will stop the trash bins moving too much and prevent accidental spills. The deep dip where you place your trash can holds it in place.

If you have the bins pulled out temporarily, (during a big mess, a party or function, or to air it out) then the cabinet’s interior won’t feel out of place with the rest of the kitchen. While it does mean that nothing else can be placed in the cabinet, it’s a great investment for a kitchen with high traffic and constant visitors.

Best Hanging Trash Bin Cabinet – 7 Gallon Pull out Trash Can

Best Hanging Trash Bin Cabinet - 7 Gallon Pull out Trash CanSee the gallery

Hanging trash cans offer a new appeal. You pull them out, and they’re simply hanging gently from the pull-out cabinet. It is easy to combine simplicity and style.

This makes it easier to empty the trash. Just pull the bin out for changes and cleans and slip it back in when you’re done. The bins will be free-floating in their cabinet so there are fewer scratches and snags. The pull-out trash bins can be easily removed and retracted. This model is great for modern kitchens.

How to Choose a Trash Bin Cabinet

As with any other kitchen storage option, there are considerations to make when buying trash bins.

What Size Cabinet Do I Need for a Pull-Out Trash Can

Which cabinet are you going to use?

First, you need to know what cabinet you’re going to empty. There are two considerations here: the number of bins you’re using and the most convenient spot in your kitchen.

If you’re going to use two bins, then you need a bigger space. Double-bin models, which can be stored side-by-side in smaller cabinets, or under-the sink models are options. You can also use smaller bins if you’re trying to fit two bins in one cabinet. If you’re only going to use one, then get a bigger bin so you’re not changing the bag as often.

Next, consider where your kitchen is located. Many people place the trash cans next to the sink or under it because this is where most people use them. Some people place the trash bins at the corners or end of their counters so that any clean-up residue doesn’t fall into them. Wherever you feel the trash bins won’t be in the way of work and be most convenient for access.

What size pull-out bins will you use?

Which size bin do you prefer? With smaller bins, you can place more than one, but you also have to consider how often you’ll be replacing their bags. You could also consider having a recycling bin and a trash container if you have more than one bin.

When dealing with one big bin, then you’ll need a taller or broader cabinet to fit it in. Also, consider how quickly the bin will fill up. If there isn’t enough garbage development, then it’ll have to sit in the bag longer, and that leads to a strong, pungent smell.

Consider how much garbage you produce, how much space is available and what purpose your bins will serve.

What size cabinet is required for a pull-out trashcan?

Don’t overthink it, finding the right cabinet size for your new pull-out trash can cabinet isn’t that hard.

The minimum cabinet opening is often referred to by manufacturers as the MCO. This is the minimum amount of space you need to allow on both sides of the pull-out trash can cabinet to ensure the bins don’t snag on the edges of the cabinet or scratch it. This will allow the pull out cabinet to glide smoothly.

The actual cabinet size can be adjusted as many pull-out trash containers are customizable in shape and size. Standard cabinet dimensions are 18 inches in width. This allows for extra space on both the sides of the pull out trash bin, as well as an allowance for bins of 35 quarts and 50 quarts.

There are other sizes of cabinets that you can use. 15 inches? 21 inches?, 24 inches In width. There are many options for bin sizes. You can fit one small bin if you are limited in space. pull-out trash can in a 12” cabinet.

The Höhe of cabinets is more than often 34.5”, with a 1.5” taken off or added on the occasional abnormality. The depth of cabinets is commonly 24”, once again with the occasional oddity here and there.

Can’t Decide? These are some great ideas for pull-out trash cans

Woodwork wastebins

Oak HollowTransitional KitchenSee the galleryBrickwood Builders, Inc. image

A wooden pull-out trashcan will keep your home looking elegant and wooden. The sturdy design prevents the trash cans from moving around when pulled out or pushed in. Because it is smaller, you can install it in smaller cabinets near your sink or work station.

Multi-Drawer Cabinet

Contemporary Style With Open LayoutSee the galleryNormandy Remodeling image

Subtlety is a designer’s greatest weapon. The best effect is one where you can’t even tell the trash bins are there. With this pullout design, your cabinet door will cover not only the bins but a smaller drawer above them in which you can keep your trash bags so they’re always nearby. Your trash needs are hidden away from plain view and easily accessible.

Multi-Functional cabinet

Transitional Kitchen, New YorkSee the galleryimage courtesy of Amazing Spaces

This design allows you to have pull-out trash cans underneath your cutting board, which is a great way of getting more from your trash bin cabinets. With minimal effort and mess, all of your cores and skins can be quickly swept into the trash can. The separate trash bin cabinet and cutting board allow you to easily access the trash bins for any other garbage.

Dual-Cabinet Waste Bins

Traditional Kitchen, MinneapolisSee the galleryImage courtesy of mackmiller design+build

Why settle for one level convenience when you could have two? This is especially beneficial for those who wish to have trash bins beneath their sinks. You can store more garbage if you place one trash bin behind each door. It’s great for large families who have to throw away more than they can control.

Hanging Pull-Out Trash Bins

Diamond Cabinets: Base Paper Towel CabinetSee the galleryMasterBrand Cabinets, Inc. image

Hanging trash bin cabinets are a seamless design that looks great in modern interiors. Like the previous designs, this design uses a larger door to conceal more from kitchen visitors. To make it more convenient and easy to access your trash bins, use trash bags or paper towel roll covers.

Under-the Sink Trash Bin Cabinet and Storage

Bentwood Drive Residence KitchenSee the galleryImage courtesy of mackmiller design+build

Don’t make your under-the-sink cabinets suitable solely for your trash bins. You don’t have to limit your options when it comes to optimizing space. This pull-out cabinet will allow you to store your trash bins and other household supplies. Detergents, cleaners, dishwasher soap, it’s all under the sink where it’s out of sight, out of mind, yet still right at your fingertips.

Cornerstone of the Cuisine

Contemporary Kitchen, San DiegoSee the galleryJackson Design & Remodeling.

To make sure your pull-out trash can cabinet isn’t in the way, keep it in the corner of your kitchen. It’s still easily accessible, it’s just not the first cabinet you need to reach for. The trash bins are kept in the center of the kitchen by a corner pull-out cabinet. It is still easily hidden. So, no matter where your garbage is coming from, the trip to the cans isn’t far.

Tall-Standing Pull-Out Trash Can Cabinet

Tall-Standing Pull-Out Trash Can CabinetSee the galleryMasterBrand Cabinets, Inc. image

This is an excellent idea for people with tall trash cans. This combination provides the ideal storage solution for your trash can, as well as a complementary storage space for any other household supplies that you don’t want to lose. Higher bins can hold more garbage than smaller bags. A larger bin may be the best choice if you have lots of people in your home.


What size trash cans go in pull-out cabinets?

There are two sizes that can fit in a cabinet: a 55-quart and a 50 quart bin. A 35-quart bin can easily fit into a 15” cabinet while two side-by-side can fit into 18” to 21” cabinets. A 50-quart bin can only fit in a cabinet that is full height.

How do I measure a pull-out trashcan?

You have to measure from the bottom of your cabinet’s frame to the bottom of the pull-out hardware, and then measure from here to the cabinet door’s back. Measure the cabinet’s height. These measurements will help you determine the size of your pull-out trash container.

How big is a 20-Quart Trash Can

One quart equals 0.25 gallons. From this, the math isn’t hard; 20 quarts is equivalent to 5 gallons, making a 20-quart bin a relatively smaller trash bin size.

How do I install an Under-the Counter Trash Can?

This is why it’s important to order all parts and put them together in the right order. You’re going to need an empty cabinet for starters, a door mounting kit, and a pull-out trash can cabinet kit with the right-sized trash bins. Be sure to check everything beforehand, that they’re the right size, shape, and accessories.


A pull-out trashcan cabinet may be just what you need. A hidden trash can will make it easy for you to keep your kitchen clean, and free from odors. We think the hanging pull-out garbage bin cabinet is the best choice. It holds two trash cans and minimizes scratches.

Do you agree? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Please share this kitchen idea with those who still have trash bins out in their kitchen. Check out our guide for kitchen organization to learn more about home improvement.

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